Respect for Parents-August 1
Member of the International Federation for Parent Education
To All Interested in the Welfare of the Family

As the following material indicates, I am requesting that August first of each year be designated Respect for Parents Day. August first will soon be here and I am hoping you will help me encourage the acknowledgment of such a day by signing a proclamation. Every signature I gather brings Respect for Parents Day closer to becoming an actuality.

I have no hidden agenda behind my quest for such a day. The idea was born from my labors as a parent who faced many serious problems while raising my three children. As the publisher and editor of a newsletter for and by parents of disruptive and addicted adolescents for five years, I know I was not alone with my struggles.

Things seem only to have become more challenging for parents in recent times.
It is my belief, after studying such problems and talking to many parents who have fought similar battles, that part of the solution to making our families become united and strong is for our children and our society to
begin to again recognize the leadership roles parents have and to reinstate the respect for parents that was evident in the past.
Would you be willing to help me by signing it and mailing it back to me?
Thank you for your time and consideration.

You can help

Why Respect for Parents Day?

The late writer, pastor, speaker and lecturer Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said in his book "Positive Imagining ". . . there is one image that is more important than all the other images combined: the image that you have
of yourself."

Consider this: newspaper items, magazine articles, seminars, neighbors, movies and talk-show hosts endlessly discuss "bad parents." Sadly, any parent with a difficult or challenging child is defined as a bad parent.
This public opinion is the "permeating influence that exacts obedience to itself." Parents lose self-esteem. This attribute we see as essential for our children, is even more essential for parents.

Psychological theorist Nathaniel Branden says, "Self-esteem has two interrelated aspects: it entails a sense of personal efficacy and a sense of personal worth. It is the integrated sum of self-confidence and self-respect. It is the conviction that one is competent to live and worthy of living."

How can we expect emotionally battered parents to grow strong, competent and empowered if we strip away their self-value? How can emotionally battered parents raise children who feel personal worth if the parents do not feel worthy?

A proclamation declaring August first of each year as "Respect for Parents Day" is being circulated. The day is not to remind children only, that parents deserve and require respect. I hope that everyone--especially those who hold positions having power and influence over families--will pause on August first (if not every day) and consider the value parents have in our society.

Each person willing to sign a proclamation and show their support will help attain our common goal of increased well-being of parents, youth and children. These signed documents will be submitted to representatives in Washington, with the request that "Respect for Parents Day" be celebrated nationally.

Marilyn Anita Dalrymple
P.O. Box 1563
Lancaster, CA 93539

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